Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Html Tag Reference

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Basic and Most used html tag list.


The list is an index of html tag.
We will be seeing each tag in depth in tutorials.

<html> </html>The main tag
<head> </head>header tag
<body> </body>body tag
<b> </b>makes the font bold
<center> </center>aligns things in center
<br>break line tag
&nbsp;space tag
<p> </p>define paragraph
<H1> </H1>makes the font as a heading
<u> </u>underlines the font
<i> </i>makes the font italic
<pre> </pre>to create pre formated text
<strike> </strike>makes striked text or word
<font> </font>sets font color, size, type
<img> </img>used to add image
<a> </a>linking tag
<marquee> </marquee>make text move
<blink> </blink>make text blink
<ul> </ul>used to list things
<li> </li>used to list things
<table> </table>to define table
<tr> </tr>table row inside table
<td> </td>table column inside row
<hr>horizontal line tag
<form> </form>define forms
<textarea> </textarea>shows text area
<input> </input>creates form types
<select> </select>used to create combo box
<meta>meta tags are used to redirect, refreh pages
<iframe> </iframe>used to create internal frames
<embed> </embed>Embed audio in web page
<object> </object>Include video in web page
<frameset> </frameset>Frameset
<iframe> </iframe>Inline frame
<meta>Meta tag for page ranking
<sub> </sub>Subscript and superscript
<phrase> <phrase>Phrase tag
<input type="image">button as an image
<area> </area>Links using the image
<fieldset> </fieldset>Fieldset with legend
<!DOCTYPE>Document Type Definiton
<ol="value">Bullet styles
<acronym> </acronym>Acronym tag
<a href title="value">Create Tooltip


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